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The core meaning of brand design and branding create a lot of confusion in the marketplace.

A brand is not a logo. A brand is not a colour, and a brand is not a typeface. Mind you, these are components of branding. Essentially a brand is what exists in the consumers mind about a company or entity. Think of it like a cumulative standing of all aspects of the business. Much like you may judge a person by their overall values by their words, actions, appearance, etc.


Your brand is your image. Image is everything. It’s your reputation. It’s the values and ideals that people associate with your company, your products and your service. And building that brand is the single most important process your company will take on from a communications perspective.Your brand’s marketing materials are the first impression prospective clients will receive about your business, whether it’s printed media or in digital form. That is why having a sleek, professionally designed presence in both markets is so important.


With more than 16 years experience in brand design, development, execution and management, we have worked with many businesses to create memorable and effective brands that are positioned appropriately in the market place. Whether creating a new brand altogether or refreshing an existing one our aim is to achieve exceptional branding for your business. GASP’s brand development experience has covered a broad spectrum of industries in categories such as Finance, Food and Beverage, Retail, Health and Fitness, Government, Consulting, Travel and Fashion.

Every company is in a different stage with their branding strategy. Startups generally don’t have one, so they have a clean slate. There are businesses that have been around for a long time and have unknowingly created brand direction that needs some attention.

Then there are companies that truly need a change of course in their brand design. Perhaps the company is under new ownership or are chasing a new market. Maybe the last brand design approach was a disaster and needs to be forgotten. Re-branding is a common activity.

We work with multi-national enterprises through to small garage startups.
If you have an idea, a vision or a project, we can help.


Your brand strategy is one of the most important aspects of your business. Your market positioning, value propositions, differentiation, story - these are just a few of the facets which are essential to being competitive and successful whether you’re a large or small business.


With the proper combination of brand strategy and creativity, you can stand head and shoulders above your competition in the eye of your customers. We understand the art of creating great brands.Be bold, be memorable.


GASP specialises in business re-branding - helping make good brands great. We’ll help you take your branding to the next level. Re-branding efforts may include a name change, new visuals and brand collateral - online and offline, repositioning, re-evaluating key messaging and more.


Whether naming a company, a new product, or a feature your brand name must attract attention, generate interest, be memorable or be meaningful in some way. Brand naming can be a creative exercise or logical process. We can help you create and validate names for your business, product or service.


Your brand has a lot of touch points, from your website through to your business cards, brochure and signage. We design engaging and effective marketing collateral to meet any requirement, be it digital or physical.

Designed to leave you breathless!

We haven’t amassed a room full of awards by being mediocre.

With GASP, you’ll work with a team of experts highly skilled in launching, protecting and maintaining brands. You’ll work with a team that knows “branding” is more than just a name, a logo, and a colour. We work to develop a company’s image across all their print and digital marketing, building a strong and consistent message. It’s about making a promise to your consumers and delivering on that promise. It’s about creating brand equity and enhancing your image. It’s about building brand loyality and amassing a devoted consumer-base.



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The fact is businesses with strong branding simply do better. Effective branding, website and marketing materials connect more often and make you the obvious choice for your customers amonga sea of competition.

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To help New Zealand businesses take their brands to market stronger, faster and smarter we have launched our sister company In Marketing - marketing for small businesses.


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