The Client

Crab Farm Winery, a proud family owned Winery in Hawke’s Bay,celebrates limited amounts of hand crafted quality produced wine.When winemaker Hamish Jardine’s great grandfather first acquired land at Bay View, Napier, as settlement of a debt, he was alarmed to find that his new acquisition was covered with tidal water, rushes and hundreds of crabs! The family jokingly called it “Crab Farm”. However, the great Hawke’s Bay earthquake of 1931 lifted the land at Crab Farm above sea level, creating the site of the present day vineyard and winery.

The Brief

When Hamish Jardine, owner and winemaker of Crab Farm Winery first approached GASP, he was frustrated with his previous experiences of designers and printers. Previous failed attempts at rebranding his logo and labels had left him disillusioned. He wanted a talented design company to listen to him and his vision. We did.

The Solution

GASP then did what they do best. We see things differently.

Crab Farm Winery in itself, is unique to many winery experiences, and we were eager to translate this into an iconic brand and labels.GASP developed a new brand and logo inspired by their story and strong family ties.The crab became a dominant feature throughout the new branding and labels.


The elegant two-piece label for Pukera Terraces was developed to align the perceived quality of the packaging with that of Crab Farm’s hand crafted wines. GASP designed an impressive burnt water-mark label, rich in colour and texture tocapture the essense of this high-end range.


The foiled crab in this label range, boldy references the winery’s roots in pre-earthquake land where the winery now stands, while also – along with the simplicity of the presentation – rings in a feeling of clean, clear elegancehighlighted by the gold and red foil.An up-scale and modern design, the labels have slowly evolved into what they are today, making Crab Farm Winery stand head and shoulders above the rest on the shelf.

The wine industry is tremendously packaging-dependent.From one-half to two-thirds of buying decisions are based on your winelabel design. Whether you need a rebrand, are launching a new winery ora second label, GASP can help you craft a stand-out image and label!


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