The Client

HCL Group are the New Zealand importer and distributor of the PELLENC range of viticultural equipment. They offer a complete range of machines, including Multifunction Grape Harvesters and tractor mounted implements. This includes, Leaf Removers, Pre Pruning Machines, Wire Lifters, Undervine Weeders, Sprayers and Vine Trimmers.Also battery power pruners and vine tying machines.

The Brief

HCL Group wanted a website that would promote their high quality viticultural equipment.A design that worked cohesively with all the marketing collateral and branding GASP hadpreviously done for them, and their partner company, Hydralada Elevating Work Platforms.We designed and developed a conversion focused website that fits perfectly withHCL brand aesthetic.


The Solution

HCL Group needed a website that could convey a huge amount of information in an easy to digest yet attractive way for viticulturalists. Our solution was a website that's strikingly clean, modern and on brand.

Designed for lead generation

HCL’s Rotary Vine Trimmer website is intended to drive leads, first and foremost.We designed the website with strategically placed calls to action and simple navigationmenus that allow users to quickly find what they need to know and get in touch with HCLas quickly and easily as possible.

Video marketing

Video is such a powerful tool for marketingonline and we enabled HCL to capitalise on thatfact by building the ability for them to add,edit and remove a video from their website.

Built so HCL has full control over every part of their website

The website we developed includes acomprehensive CMS that gives HCL completecontrol over their content. They can upload theirinformation to all pages in-house using the Joomla CMS platform. This allows HCL to make sure theircontent remains fresh and up-to-date.


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